Application Form
Residential tennancy application form.

Notice of Offer
This form is completed by a prospective purchaser and submitted to the vendor for consideration.

Form R1 Sales Agency Agreement
This form must be given to vendors before they sign a Sales Agency Agreement. The sales representative will ask you to acknowledge receipt of this form before proceeding with a Sales Agency Agreement.

Form R2 Disclosure of benefits

This form discloses benefits that a sales representative or agent may receive from third parties. This disclosure can also be made in the Sales Agency Agreement.

Form R3 Buyers information notice
This form needs to be offered to people attending open inspections to alert them to matters they may like to consider before making an offer.

Form R4 Bidders guide
This form is a bidding guide. It will be given to you after you register to bid at a residential auction.

Form R5 Collusive pracitices
This form explains to bidders that it is an offence to disrupt an auction or act in a collusive manner.

Form R6 Warning notice to purchaser
This form alerts parties to the transaction that the agent is working in a ‘subject to’ sale for both the vendor and purchaser.

Form R7 Warning notice

This form explains that the agent has given you financial or investment advice.